Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Mixing Up the Punchbowl!

Hi friends,

I hope everyone had a great end of the school year or your last few weeks are going well! I've been on summer vacation for about two and a half weeks. My oh my, where has the time gone?

From the title of this post you'll notice changes are coming my way!! Last week I accepted a 3rd grade teaching position at a new district. This means not only a new grade level to teach but I'll also be working in a different district! Boy am I nervous.... I have a lot of different emotions going on right now. I had my interview Tuesday, Wednesday I was offered the job then came a hard part on Thursday. I had to resign from my current school... You see, this past school year has been less than wonderful. I have had mixed emotions about how the year went and had very little support from my administrator when it came to things both personally and professionally. Enough with that, while I'm thankful for my two years at that district it is time for me to move on. Friday I went into my classroom, packed up my stuff so on Saturday we could load it all up and make the move home with all my teaching stuff.

It is time to purge, trash, recycle and sell things off. There is no way I can take all of this to my new school. You see, at this new school I'll have curriculum that matches the standards better, new technology and a newer school! They rebuilt this school within the last 8 years. My word, is it a gorgeous building. I'll be working on a team of 5 teachers...

Here comes the questions-

How will my new team welcome me?

While I'll be one of the new teachers on the block will I be treated differently than the other new highers?

How long will it take me to prove myself to my team? The parents? The students? The community?

Will I be able to learn all new standards, curriculum and ways the district expects things done in this next year?

Will I be less stressed? Happier? Feel like I made the correct decision?

Let me back up on that last one... I already feel as if I made the correct decision. While I understand the frustration from my soon to be former administrator I don't feel bad about accepting this new position any longer as he had some hurtful things to say last week after I handed him my resignation letter. I'm already sleeping better and can feel myself relax for the first time since school ended.

Will I enjoy working on such a large team?

Will I enjoy teaching third grade again? (I taught third grade my first year I taught)

I know it will take time and effort on my end. I'm excited, nervous and ready for this change. I now go back to work on July 29th, with the students coming back to us August 3rd. I'm excited to be in one of the best school districts in my county. Now if I can just settle my nerves and believe in myself for this big change! Some people try for years to get a job in this school district. I apply once, interview once and I land a job. That right there my friends must mean I am doing something correct in my career.

Follow my friends and I at the Primary Punchbowl as some of us are shaking things up and are changing jobs for this coming school year!

Until next time friends- Which I promise won't be too long from now. Take care and relax some this summer. YOU DESERVE IT AND HAVE EARNED IT!!!

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  1. So excited for this new adventure for you. Wishing you a positive experience with a supportive team! How wonderful to have a group of grade level teachers to bounce ideas off of. Good luck and keep us posted on how things are going!