Friday, December 19, 2014

First Semester and tour of my classroom

WOW! Christmas Break already? Where has the time gone? The school year is now half over with. Hard to believe 2015 is a handful of days away! It seems just like yesterday we started school. The first semester is over with. We have a few things to wrap up in January when we return.

Here is a look at my classroom and what we have been up to for the last 90 days.

Storage galore compared to my last school!!! These pictures are before the madness, before I got everything set up and into place. Still working on moving and organizing even after 4 months.

This cabinet was cleaned out some and I covered it with a giant gray sheet!

Part of the cubbies with all of our ELA curriculum on it.

Cubbies with manipulatives and center games on it.

99% of this cabinet belongs to me! I have bought tons of items in previous years as being at Charter schools you tend to not have curriculum. I need to sort things out and get rid of a few things still.

My classroom getting set up. Still have a LOT to do!

This blue book shelves against the wall will house my library that I've worked hard to build over the last few years.

The beginning of the class library :)

Who can't help but spend $$$$$ at Target? Yup this pretty much all came from the Dollar Spot but the folders. Those came from the school section.

Back of my classroom. Coming together slowly

This was before I had to switch furniture around and finally settle on my classroom the way it is now.

Two giant white boards up front <3

This is what I settled on doing with my desk area. It wasn't an easy choice but with having the possibility of 30 students I had to move and rearrange things. Not 100% happy with it still to this day.

Ready and set up for Back to School Meet the Teacher Night! WOOT