Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vegas Recap

Oh my word, the conferences were amazing! Nothing but the very best gathered in the conference area for a week of sessions. There were tons of new teachers, bloggers and sellers who attended the Teachers Pay Teacher conference among the many different Staff Development for Educators conferences and sessions. The sessions were almost always jam packed full of information. I brought back a LOT of information to process and implement this coming school year. Speaking of which I report next week Wednesday back to school...

The Staff Development for Educators conference I attended was I Teach 1st. I learned many different ways to implement centers, what to do and what NOT to do according to some as well as many different math games. I was able to meet tons of teacher celebrities and attend sessions taught by them. Nothing better than getting to meet people in real life! This conference I attended Monday to Thursday and then on Friday I had the opportunity to attend the first ever Teachers Pay Teachers conference! That in itself was just AMAZING, the room for the keynote speakers was buzzing with warm and creativity. The presenters on Friday were just wonderful, true to life teachers and creators. I gained more knowledge on Friday than I think I did the other four days I was in sessions. Sad to say, but TPT sure knows how to hold conferences from the get go!