Friday, July 10, 2015

Teacher T-shirts

Hey everyone,

Last year when I was in Las Vegas at the SDE Conferences I ran into a booth at the Expo which sells amazing teacher shirts! They go by the name of A+ Images and can be found online at A+ Images
Hello comfortable T-shirts for jean days. They had sale bins with T-shirts for $5 which is a fantastic steal. Here's my bag of T-shirts from last summer

I bought around 4 if not 5 T-shirts to wear. I have worn them weekly on Friday and sometimes during the week when we have special activities happening within the classroom or on our campus. Here are a few of the T-shirts I picked up last summer.

While I was in Las Vegas again this summer it was a no-brainer to stop by their booth again! They of course had new shirts for sale both in the $5 sale bin and outside of the sale bins. I picked up a few more shirts this summer to wear and add into my mix. The quality is wonderful and like I said they sure come in handy to wear when I can dress down.

This summer I was fortunate enough to get a blogger shirt made by them.

I was able to receive the T-shirt right before I left for Las Vegas and was able to wear it to the Teachers Pay Teachers conference! It was the perfect shirt to wear around with fellow teacher bloggers and authors.

If you are interested in t-shirts- you can click the links above (the company name).  You can also follow A Plus Images at these different social media sites: