Wednesday, June 25, 2014

About me

Well where should I start? I teach second grade, this coming school year 2014-15 will mark my second year in second grade and third teaching. I will be working in the Wild West! The first two years I taught were in Charter Schools. This coming year I'm teaching in a traditional Public School. I look forward to having curriculum at my fingertips and the endless support of other staff members. While school ended a little over a month ago, I have already been in my new classroom flipping furniture around and moving things into places where I'd like them to be. The feel of my classroom has taken on a new vibe and is feeling like mine already! I'm excited for school to start in August. Until then, I'm busy reading teacher books, curriculum mapping and attending a few conferences. Busy busy busy! I enjoy traveling and was fortunate enough to live in Germany for three and a half years. While living over there I was able to travel all over Europe. Although, there are a few countries I wasn't able to make it to and would love to go back one day. I know eventually I will make it back to travel more. I'm slowly adding items to my Teachers Pay Teachers account and creating more products to use this coming year in my classroom!