Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Want to go to Vegas this summer?

Hey everyone,

The wonderful teachers at Primary Chalkboard are giving away $300 tuition to and SDE 1 day conference, $200 cash as well as a gift card for $25 to Crystal Springs Book store for the conference at SDE! Last year I had a BLAST at both the I Teach 1st and the Teachers Pay Teachers conferences. This year I'm hoping and praying everything pans out so I can attend the I Teach 2nd Grade conference! I really would love to meet more of the bloggers I follow and am friends with on Instagram and Facebook.

Head on over to Primary Chalkboard for the chance to win!


  1. Cool Wild West Jess
    Jesse James
    Has worldwide fame
    Unknown is a gal
    Who shared his first name
    Stories keep changing
    As they get old
    Here's a tale
    That's never been told

    Tall,built and slender
    With the sexiest voice
    On her own at 14
    Grew up fast,had no choice
    So skilled with a rope
    It'd appear to come alive
    Unrivaled on a horse
    Been riding since five

    Learned Martial Arts
    At the world's finest school
    Expedient,worked hard
    Knowledge her tool
    Top in her class
    Retained everything taught
    No detail overlooked
    To never get caught

    Won't backdown when challenged
    Regardless wrong or right
    An expert combatant
    Never loses a fight
    Will dispatch anybody
    With her pearl-handled gun
    Better not cross her
    If you do,better run

    Lightning fast,has no equal
    If forced to draw
    One step ahead of any
    Marshal,posse or law
    Impossible to track
    For more than a mile
    Identity kept secret
    To never stand trial

    Wears Paris fashions
    When robbing banks
    So polite,on the way out
    Never forgot to say"Thanks"
    Passing men always tip
    Their hat in respect
    Winks from the cowboys
    With whom she has slept

    There wasn't a lock or pocket
    She couldn't pick
    Even studied Magic
    Knew every trick
    Paid for information
    And the best alibis
    Left nothing to chance
    Was a master of disguise

    Only mistake was in
    Choosing her men
    Couldn't tell the difference
    Between Love and pretend
    Never married or jailed
    Had to run free
    No man could tame her
    Take it from me

    Both brains and good looks
    Own personal style
    Wanted for Murder
    For her Killer Smile
    No books will be written
    No movies to be seen
    Wild West Jess
    Legendary Outlaw Queen


  2. This is a song I wrote called Wild West Jess.The "Cool" in the title is one of those smile faces with sunglasses.I just copied this,as is,rather than editing out the smiley face.